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BMW Maintenance & Repair

By entrusting your BMW to BM Service Exclusif, you will benefit from mechanics who are as
expert, knowledgeable and competent as those at your dealership, but at a reasonable and
honest price.

We are BMW specialists

Do you think that maintenance and repairs at your dealer are too expensive and that independent garages do not have sufficient knowledge of BMW (or Bimmer) mechanics? We agree with you.

BM Service Exclusif offers you the ultimate compromise: unlike mechanic shops, which service and repair all makes of cars, we are just as specialised in BMW as the dealers. The ultimate difference with the dealers is that our prices are much more competitive.

With our BMW mechanical garage in Montreal and near Laval, you will save money thanks to :

  • at our attractive hourly rate;
  • to a wide selection of affordable BMW parts.


Only repair what is necessary

Why change a part when it can be repaired? Why change an entire assembly when only one part is defective? At BM Service Exclusif, we promise that we will only carry out repairs that are deemed necessary and that we will offer you the least expensive solutions. You can also rest assured that the hours you are billed for were actually worked.

By opting for a BMW specialist such as BM Service Exclusif, you can increase the life of your BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW 3 Series or other vehicle while benefiting from better rates.

Benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty

You don’t have to go to the dealer to have BMW honour the warranty on your vehicle. All you have to do is comply with the manufacturer’s maintenance and repair standards, which BM Exclusif will take care of instead of your dealer, at a fraction of the price.

Get clear answers to your questions

In the interests of transparency, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the technical aspects of your car, the repairs to be carried out, the need for servicing, invoicing, etc. If necessary, we will invite you to come to the workshop to show you the work that has been done on your vehicle, the parts that have been replaced, etc.

Maintenance, repair and pre-purchase inspection services for BMW

Here is the range of services we offer for any BMW vehicle.

– General inspection, including suspension
– Oil change and air filter replacement
– Brake cleaning and replacement
– Tire installation, balancing and storage
– Etc.

– Air conditioning, heating
– Engine and transmission
– Exhaust system and muffler
– Electric group
– Remote starter, alarm system, ignition interlock
– Fuel injection
– Steering
– Differential
– Drivetrain
– Cooling system
– Suspension
– Etc.

Are you planning to buy a used vehicle? Let us do the pre-purchase inspection so that you know exactly what condition it is in and can pay the right price.

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