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Audi Garage for Montreal & Laval

Entrust us with your Audi and benefit from the expertise of our mechanics who are just as competent and knowledgeable as those at your dealer, but at more reasonable prices.

Audi garage and mechanics in Montreal (and near Laval)

Are you reluctant to entrust your car to an independent garage, fearing that its mechanics are not familiar enough with the particularities of Audi cars?

Our Audi garage in Montreal (10 minutes from Laval) offers you all the expertise of the dealer, but at affordable prices. Our mechanics, specialized in the maintenance and repair of Audi R8, Audi Q5, Audi Q3, etc., will have no secrets for you.

Our Audi mechanical garage in Montreal and easily accessible from Laval offers you savings, notably thanks to :

  • a lower hourly rate than dealers;
  • a wide range of AUDI parts at reduced prices.

No unnecessary repairs or inflated bills

BM Service Exclusif commits to its customers that it will not carry out any repairs other than those that are purely necessary and that it will offer the most efficient and economical solutions. Furthermore, we only invoice for the hours that have actually been worked.

We work with the utmost transparency

Our work ethic is based on respect for our customers and transparency. That’s why we take the time to answer all your questions about the mechanics of your Audi, the repairs we’ve done, the maintenance we’ve done, the billing, etc. If in doubt, we will gladly show you how we replaced a part or corrected a problem, for example.

Is your Audi under warranty?

Did you know that you can have your Audi serviced under warranty? In fact, the manufacturer allows owners of its vehicles to go to both mechanical shops and Audi dealerships to perform recommended maintenance. The important thing to remember about your warranty is to follow the manufacturer’s standards as outlined in your owner’s manual.

All the services our garage offers for your AUDI

– General inspection, including suspension
– Oil change and air filter replacement
– Brake cleaning and replacement
– Tire installation, balancing and storage
– Etc.

– Air conditioning, heating
– Engine and transmission
– Exhaust system and muffler
– Electric group
– Remote starter, alarm system, ignition interlock
– Fuel injection
– Steering
– Differential
– Drivetrain
– Cooling system
– Suspension
– Etc.

Do you intend to buy a used car? Entrusting us with your pre-purchase inspection means that we will assess the vehicle’s true condition, so that you pay the right price.

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